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Privilège 42 Owner Websites
This website!
Barb and Doug Rogers of Chateau.
Francis and Pascale Doumerc of Bahia.
Andy Byatt of L'Aventura.
Patrick West of Laughing Moon.
? of Parme.
Cindy and Greg Hadaller of Day Dreamer.
A website devoted to their sailing adventures.
Sharon Strong and Michael Satterlee of Escape.
Wanted to buy: Privilège 39 or Privilège 42

Privilège 42 on Industry Websites

Multihull Maven
"With profiles of hundreds of multihull models, their designers and boat yards, this resource provides easy-to-browse and objective information on multihull craft."
Sailboat specifications and details for Privilège 42

Other Privilège Owner Websites

Maxing Out
A Privilège 39, Exit Only

Catamaran Websites

Privilège Marine
Privilège Marine, formerly Alliaura Marine and Jeantot Marine, the builder of the Privilège 42.

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